Women’s sport, the long game·The Italian Files
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Goleadora — A Podcast about Women’s Football hosted by Giorgia Bernardini and Elena Marinelli.

Velata. Hijab, sport e autodeterminazione (Capovolte Edizioni, 2022). Giorgia Bernardini’s intersectional essay on women’s agency, sport and religion.

Zarina newsletter — discussing about international sportswomen, between performance and pop culture.

Paola Egonu on Al Jazeera — the article explores the aftermath of the racist attack directed to the Italian athlete at the end of 2022.

Irma Testa on L’Ultimo Uomo — in this interview Giorgia Bernadini talks with the Tokyo 2020 bronze medalist about her story of emancipation through professional sport.

Italian Women's Serie A on Forbes – this article is an introduction to the starting of the first ever professional sports league for female footballers.

Bebe Vio — personal story and fencing career of an athlete that is changing the image of the Italian (and International) paralympic sports.